Winner of the People’s Choice Award 

The Jury Prize 2020


I received the fabulous news that I had won the People’s Choice Award at The Jury Prize, I was lost for words! I’m blown away that the public voted for my artwork, it really means a lot that over 1,000 people chose Gratitude. A heartfelt and humbled thanks if you dropped your entry in for me.


The dog and I have walked this stretch of beach often in the last 5 years, but definitely more so during covid lockdown when I found myself waking before sunrise.  Of course Mack loved this as it guaranteed a walk.   


Sunrise is a magical time of day, but especially so at Hedland's Pretty Pool creek. At low tide the vast stretch of beach collects pools of seawater amongst the delicately formed sand ripples. These, together with the wet sand, reflect the sky perfectly like a mirror.


In this pastel painting I wanted to capture the cusp of sunrise bursting onto the horizon, rich reds and vivid oranges slowly turning the darkness of dawn into deep purples.


I entered Gratitude into my local art awards and she made it as a finalist in The Jury Art Prize, along with 50 other regional and remote Western Australian artists. You can see ‘Gratitude’ in the flesh at The Junction Co. and Courthouse Gallery+Studio


Sunrise over Pretty Pool beach, Port Hedland, Pilbara 

99 x 75 cms framed | pastels on primed paper


Helen Komene Art - Gratitude, Hedland Pr

Helen Komene is a Western Australian pastel artist best known for her diverse artistic talents. Specialising in seascapes, landscapes and pawtraits and portraits, her work is readily identifiable because of her fresh, contemporary and clever style.  

It has often been described as photographic yet when viewed up close, each artwork reveals her raw strokes and the texture of her art medium.  It’s this visual illusion and the meticulous way she uses soft pastels that attracts attention from Helen’s customers and students.

Helen Komene Art - Reverie Hamersley Gor

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."  Aristotle

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