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Landscape Gallery

The Australian landscape is an irresistible source of inspiration.  My intention is to encourage locals and visitors to find the extraordinary, to show the elements that make these locations truly unique.  Intense sunset skies set over colossal industrial structures, reflecting pink and golden hues over metallic surfaces or the unmistakeable organic qualities of Western Australia, Northern Territory or New South Wales. 


2018 Hedland Art Awards Finalist


Red Reverie | Hamersley Gorge | 79 x 79 cms | Pastels on primed paper
I'm one a 111 finalists selected in this year's Hedland Art Awards.  
If ever there was a place to be pleasantly lost in one's thoughts, Hamersley Gorge is the perfect daydreaming spot.
In the north-west of Karijini, further afield than the other gorges, it is well worth the visit.  It is a dramatic gorge, with a sharp, steep decent into colour and texture.  Swirls of rock look like they have been folded and at the bottom, visitors are met with waterfalls that rush into tranquil pools that create perfect still reflections of the unique rocky strata. 


Just at Lunch by Helen Komene Art

Sunset Reds  |  Lookout point near Hamersley Gorge, Pilbara  |  70 x 30 cms framed

Just at Lunch by Helen Komene Art

Just at lunch  |  Nic & Robbo's farm, Berrembed Station, Riverina, New South Wales  |  102 x 64 cms framed

Private Commission, Sold

Just at Lunch by Helen Komene Art

Untamed Heart | Reader Head Lookout, looking over Settlers Beach and Cossack | 90 x 60 cms framed

Private Commission, Sold

Just at Lunch by Helen Komene Art

Winter's Sunset  |  Port Hedland Yacht Club view  |  104 x 68 cms framed

Private Commission, Sold

Evening Glow by Helen Komene Art

Evening Glow  |  Port Hedland, Western Australia (looking onto the Dampier Salt)  |  102 x 64 cms framed

Sold, 2016 Solo Exhibition

Beyond the Shady Trees by Helen Komene Art

Beyond the Shady Trees |  Valentines Springs, Northern Territory  |  80 x 60 cms framed

Private Commission, Sold

Gum Nuts in Flower  |  Western Australia Flora | 78 x 62 cms
Sold, 2015 Perth Royal Show Art Competition
Cusp of Sunrise by Helen Komene Art

Cusp of Sunrise |  Pretty Pool at low tide, Port Hedland, Western Australia  |  108 x 59 cms framed

Sold, 2016 Solo Exhibition

Night Shift by Helen Komene Art

Night Shift | Finucane Island, Port Hedland, Western Australia  |  97 x 62 cms framed

Sold, 2016 Solo Exhibition

Deloona Gorge by Helen Komene Art

Late Afternoon  |  Deloona Gorge, Near Marble Bar, Pilbara, Western Australia  |  100 x 57 cms framed

Private Commission, Sold

Katherine Gorge by Helen Komene Art

Katherine Gorge  |  Northern Territory  |  57 x 57 cms framed

For Sale > Go to my Shop

Last Flight Home by Helen Komene Art

Last Flight Home |  Port Hedland, Pilbara, Western Australia  |  67 x 67 cms framed

Sold, 2016 Solo Exhibition

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