This is one of my artwork greeting cards, there are 10 in the range which includes my seascapes, landscapes, a flower and a pet pawtrait that have been digital printed onto card. 



17 x 12 cms, 270 gsm smooth white card 



115 gsm natural recycled paper with lick and stick seal



Blank for your personal message, suitable for all occasions


Original Pastel Artwork was:

‘Start of Night Shift’ Finucane Island, Port Hedland, Western Australia

97 x 62 cms


What inspired me to paint this?

Even heavy industrial areas such as Port Hedland can be an irresistible source of inspiration. My intention here was to encourage locals and visitors to pause and find the extraordinary in areas that may often be overlooked, to show the elements that make these locations truly unique.  Here I wanted to show the intense sunset sky set over a moored iron ore ship, reflecting pink and golden hues over metallic surfaces. The original artwork was sold to a private buyer in my 2016 Solo Exhibition.

Greeting Card | 'Start of Night Shift' Port Hedland, Western Australia