This is one of my artwork greeting cards, there are 10 in the range which includes my seascapes, landscapes, a flower and a pet pawtrait that have been digital printed onto card. 



12 x 17 cms, 270 gsm smooth white card 



115 gsm natural recycled paper with lick and stick seal



Blank for your personal message, suitable for all occasions


Original Pastel Artwork was:

‘Drifter' Pardoo Station, Pilbara, Western Australia

91 x 60 cms


What inspired me to paint this?

Ok, I will admit it, I'm a little bit addicted to drawing the wet sand and I am loving these vertical compositions. The many beaches at Pardoo Station - which is roughly one and a half hours drive North of Hedland - give me a great excuse to keep painting these scenes.  In the Winter months my husband and I often go camping for the weekend.  It's so relaxing out there and although I'm not that great at catching our dinner, nothing beats sitting back, drinking a bee, with the turquoise ocean and white sand dunes as your backdrop. The original artwork was sold to a private buyer at the 2016 Hedland Arts Awards. 

Greeting Card | 'Drifter' Pardoo Station, Western Australia